Dam Construction Quality Control – Dos, Don’ts and Lessons Learned: On-Demand

The implementation of a successful dam design is predicated on the construction contractor using acceptable construction means and methods when performing the work and the quality control staff performing timely and through inspections. There are many critical work items associated with dam construction which, if not performed correctly, will lead to poor performance, reduced service life, and contribute to potential failure modes.

This webinar will present some proper and improper construction techniques that are often encountered during dam construction that are crucial to a successful project including, engineered fill placement, internal drains systems, reinforced concrete structures, RCC placement, control of water, and foundation preparation. Participants of this webinar will gain greater knowledge of acceptable construction practices, understand the consequences of out of spec work, and better understand how to evaluate the inspect critical work tasks during dam construction.

Randall P. Bass, P.E.

Principal, Schnabel Engineering

Schnabel Engineering, LLC.

Randy Bass is a professional engineer and a graduate of Georgia Tech with BCE (1972) and MCE (1977) degrees. His career in dam engineering started in 1978 when he worked for seven years with the Georgia Safe Dams Program, managing the program from 1980 to 1985. He worked for Dames and Moore, where he developed a unit that constructed the first two RCC gravity dams in Georgia. He then worked as the water resources engineer for the Portland Cement Association for six years prior to joining Schnabel Engineering in 2004. Randy is a senior consultant with Schnabel.


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