Designing Spillways to Mitigate Failure Modes - DOWNLOAD

This course will present potential failure modes for chute spillways and ways to design these spillways to minimize the potential for failure.

1 Understanding failure modes such as cavitation and hydraulic jacking that can affect chute spillways.
2 How to evaluate potential spillway design and construction details that could lead to failure modes.
3 How to evaluate potential spillway failure mode
4 Understanding design details that can help prevent spillway failures.
5 Why we should be concerned with spillway chute failures.

John Trojanowski

President/Trojanowski Dam Engineering, Limited

John Trojanowski has over 40 years of experience related to spillway design and analysis, including 37 years as a dam engineer with the Bureau of Reclamation specializing in waterways and concrete dams.  For the past three years he has been an independent consultant, and recently served as a member of the Independent Forensic Team for Oroville Dam spillway failure. He is also member of ASDSO, ASCE, and USSD.

Designing Spillways to Mitigate Failure Mode

  • Introduction
  • Potential Spillway Chute Failure Modes
  • Question Period No. 1
  • Chute Design Features and Details
  • Question Period No. 2
  • Repair/Replace
  • Question Period No. 3


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