Developing Operations and Maintenance Manuals for Dams: Download

This webinar will provide participants with information on the importance of preparing operations and maintenance (O&M) manuals for dams. It will include an overview of some of the key federal agency and state requirements and formats for dam O&M manuals. Operations and maintenance guidelines will be presented for both embankment and concrete dams and key dam appurtenances, such as spillways and outlet works. Many examples will be provided that illustrate the key elements of a comprehensive dam O&M manual including: O&M responsibilities, routine and periodic inspections, instrumentation and monitoring, dam operations, maintenance guidelines, interaction with emergency actions, and interaction with risk assessments

Steve Jamieson, P.E.

Principal, W.W. Wheeler and Associates, Inc.

Steve Jamieson is a registered professional engineer and the President of W. W. Wheeler & Associates, Inc. in Englewood, Colorado.  He has an MS degree in civil engineering from the University of Colorado at Denver and a BS degree in civil engineering from Colorado State University.  He has more than 34 years of experience in dam engineering, design, construction, operations, and risk assessments.  Mr. Jamieson has a unique perspective as a former dam owner and current consultant to numerous dam safety programs.  He has prepared, reviewed or tested hundreds of emergency action plans for dams nationwide and has been involved in several dam incidents. 


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