Emergency Action Plan Basics: Download

This webinar is intended to provide an introduction to emergency action plans (EAPs) for dam safety emergency planners, dam owners, dam regulators, and consultants.  The information presented will be a condensed version of subjects included in ASDSO’s two-day seminar titled Emergency Action Planning for Dam Safety.  The webinar will include information that will be useful to participants in developing new EAPs and improving the effectiveness of existing EAPs.

The agenda is structured to answer the following key questions:
1. Why are EAPs important?
2. What are the important components of an effective EAP?
3. How do EAPs relate to other aspects of emergency planning?
4. How do you develop, update, and test an EAP?
There are no specific education or experience prerequisites for this webinar, although some knowledge/experience in dam safety would be beneficial.

John W. France, P.E., D.GE, D.WRE

Vice President, AECOM

John W. France, PE, D.WRE is a registered professional engineer employed by AECOM as Dams Technical Practice Network National Leader. He received BS and MS degrees in civil engineering from Cornell University. Mr. France has 40 years of consulting engineering experience, during which time he has worked on hundreds of civil engineering projects. For the past 32 years his professional career has been focused on dam engineering and dam safety services. During his career, Mr. France has been involved in various capacities in evaluating and remediating seepage issues for earth dams. He has written numerous papers on the topic, and in 2012 he was an invited speaker at a FEMA workshop on filters and seepage remediation. He was engaged by the Montana Dam Safety office to prepare a technical note on chimney filter design for posting on the State’s website, and he has been an instructor for ASDSO’s seepage analysis course, ASDSO workshops on seepage rehabilitation, and U.S. Army Engineers’ courses on seepage rehabilitation and embankment dam design.


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