Foundation Cutoff Walls for Dams and Levees: Download

During the last 10 years, there have been unparalleled levels of activity in dam and levee foundation remediation.  This has been triggered mainly by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ evaluation of their dam and levee portfolio following the disastrous flooding of New Orleans and surrounding areas in 2005.  Remedial diaphragms walls have been in installed in dams in the US since 1975 when Wolf Creek Dam, in Kentucky, was repaired for the first time.  Since then, there are approximately 30 case histories that can be reviewed, up to the present day.  This webinar reviews the different methods used to create foundation cutoff walls by methods other than grouting alone.  A distinction is drawn between Category 1 walls (which are “excavate and replace”) and Category 2 walls (which are “mixed in place”).

Key takeaways from participating in this webinar include:

1. General background to dam and levee distributions in North America as related to geologic and seismic conditions.
2. The techniques used to construct Category 1 walls.
3. The techniques used to construct Category 2 walls.
4. The concept of composite walls.
5. A case study review of the two phases of remediation at Wolf Creek Dam

Donald A. Bruce, Ph.D., D.GE, C.Eng., P.G., L.G., L.E.G.

President, Geosystems, L.P.

Donald Bruce received his BS (Geology and Mineralogy) and Ph.D (Geotechnical Engineering) from Aberdeen University, Scotland.  He thereafter worked in specialty geotechnical construction in various countries and projects throughout the world before becoming Technical Director of Nicholson Construction, Pittsburgh, PA, from 1986-1996.  Since then, he has been President of Geosystems, L.P., a consultancy based in Pittsburgh, PA and Scottsdale, AZ, specializing in the application of ground treatment, improvement and retention techniques.  As such, he has participated in over 1,000 projects in 6 continents, principally associated with dams, levees, deep foundations, tunnels and mines.

Dr. Bruce is active in professional and trade associations in North America and Europe, and is a Chartered Civil Engineer and Fellow of the Institute of Civil Engineers (UK), and a Licensed Geologist and Engineering Geologist in the US.  He has authored over 300 technical papers and three textbooks, the latest of which are “Dam Foundation Grouting” (Bruce and Weaver) and "Specialty Construction Techniques for Dam and Levee Remediation.”


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