Hydraulics 201 for Dam Safety: On-Demand

This webinar will have four one-half hour sessions and will begin with a brief review of the Hydraulics 101 lectures. Uniform flow, specific energy, and gradually varied flow will be covered in the first session. Hydraulic modeling and water surface profile computations will be covered in the second session, and geometric data requirements will be addressed in the third session. The final session will concentrate on the development of the Hydrologic Engineering Center’s River Analysis System computer model (HEC-RAS).

Arthur C. Miller, Ph.D., DWRE

Dr. Miller is a nationally recognized expert in hydrology, hydraulic engineering, dam safety, and water resource management. His over 40 years of experience includes research, consulting, and publishing in hydrology, hydraulics, floodplain delineation, dam safety, bridge scour, river mechanics, sediment transport, and impacts of climate change. He is renowned for his expertise in numerical modeling of open channel flow, unsteady flow, hydraulic design techniques for dams, bridges and culverts; river mechanics; and sediment transport. Dr. Miller teaches courses throughout the country on topics ranging from fundamental hydraulics to open channel flow to hydrologic processes.


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Open to view video. On-Demand Viewing
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