Legal Responsibilities of Dam Owners, Operators, and Regulators: On- Demand

This webinar will address the legal responsibilities in:

1) Owning and operating a dam under normal conditions, during a flood, or in cases of a breach, and devising, testing, and updating emergency action and business continuity plans;

2) Maintaining the dam to minimize the chances of failure and tragedy. Compliance with statutory and administrative minimums may not be sufficient to forestall liability

3) Regulating and inspecting dams. Liability can be especially perilous to private inspectors if the dam fails.

Denis Binder

Professor, Chapman University

Professor Binder has taught law for 40 years. He is a lawyer, not an engineer, by training. He became involved with dam safety in 1976. He has lectured extensively since 1983 to dam owners, operators, and regulators on the legal liability issues of dam failures, and worked with various agencies, task forces, workshops and committees on legal liability issues beginning in 1981.

Professor Binder has also dealt extensively with emergency action planning and business continuity planning since 9/11. The Association of State Dam Safety Officials (ASDSO) presented Professor Binder its National Award of Merit in 1996.


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