RCC Applications in Dam Engineering - What We Have Learned and What’s New: On-Demand

This webinar will focus on the many applications of RCC in dam engineering, including RCC dams, RCC overtopping protection, and RCC use in cofferdams. Other topics to be covered will be RCC for raising and rehabilitating existing concrete dams and RCC for grade control structures and stilling basin erosion protection. Emphasis will be placed on small to medium volume RCC projects including hints on cost effective design and and estimating.

In addition to presenting a basic introduction to RCC, case studies will be presented to illustrate the performance of RCC dams with respect to thermal induced cracking and earthquake resistance. In many cases, “Analysis vs. Reality” will be explored. Performance of RCC overtopping protection when subjected to infrequent overflows or day-to-day weathering will be discussed, including potential solutions. 

The main objective of the course will be to upgrade the attendee’s knowledge of the many potential uses of RCC in dam engineering and new developments in applying this construction method in order to prepare more cost effective, better performing designs.

Kenneth D. Hansen, P.E.


Ken Hansen is an individual consultant specializing in RCC, concrete, and soil-cement applications in dams. He is an internationally recognized author, lecturer and consultant on the use of RCC for new dams and the rehabilitation of existing dams. Prior to establishing his private practice in early 2009, Ken worked as a consultant for Schnabel Engineering for nearly 12 years and prior to that with the Portland Cement Association for nearly 37 years. His consulting assignments on RCC, concrete and soil-cement for dams total more than 80 in 11 countries.

Mr. Hansen’s honors include being selected as one of the 60 Most Influential People in the Global Hydro and Dams business over the last 60 years by International Water Power and Dam Construction Magazine in 2009, being conferred an Honorary membership in ASDSO and being selected as a Distinguished Engineering Alumnus by the University of New Mexico.

Ken is the prime author of the book “Roller Compacted Concrete Dams”, ICOLD Bulletin 54 “Soil-Cement for Embankment Dams” and has given about 650 talks on RCC and Soil-Cement throughout the United States and internationally.


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