Roller Compacted Concrete – Design and Construction of Water Control Structures: Download

This webinar will provide a general overview of the development of RCC and how this material is being used in dams and spillways. Recent design and construction trends will be presented in the areas of mix designs, jointing, facing systems, and placement procedures. The primary topics of this webinar are the development of RCC, mix proportioning to develop fresh and harden properties, applications during the first 31 years, construction means and methods, and performance.

Randall P. Bass, P.E.

Principal, Schnabel Engineering

Randy Bass is a professional engineer and a graduate of Georgia Tech with a BCE (1972) and a MCE degree (1977).  His career with dam engineering started in 1978 when he worked for seven years with the Georgia Safe Dams Program.  He worked for Dames and Moore for seven years designing and building dams and, prior to joining Schnabel Engineering in 2004, was the water resources engineer with the Portland Cement Association.  He is currently a principal with Schnabel Dam Engineering.  He has participated in dam owner training workshops in three states and was on the recent peer review team for the review of the Corp of Engineer’s national dam safety program.  


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