Spillway Conduits - More Than Just a Pipe Through the Dam: Download

Low-level conduits (pipes) through the base of a dam are the most common spillway for small earthen embankment structures. However, the discontinuity caused by the presence of the conduit creates numerous issues that must be addressed during the design and construction of the low-level pipe. This short course will present general design and construction-related issues that dam engineers and owners should be aware of when considering a low-level conduit in their earthen embankment structure. Seepage control, structural integrity, and material life expectancy will be discussed. In addition, the course will also discuss issues that occur after the impoundment is filled, items that need to be observed/monitored, and possible remedial actions once a deficiency is documented.

Joseph S. Monroe, P.E.

Principal, Schnabel

Mr. Monroe is heavily involved in the design and construction of new dams, as well as the rehabilitation of existing dams. His depth of experience in design includes geotechnical explorations and engineering evaluations for both earthfill dams and concrete gravity dams, hydraulic and structural design of spillways, and preparation of bidding and construction documents. In addition to design related functions, he has also provided construction administration duties during the implementation of the design for which he had responsible charge.   Mr. Monroe is also recognized as an Independent Consultant for performing FERC Part 12 inspections and and has provided engineering services on numerous hydroelectric facilities.


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