Understanding and Managing Plant & Animal Intrusions in Embankment Dams and Levees: On-Demand

Plant and animal intrusions represent a common but often overlooked threat to the long-term safety of embankment dams throughout the U.S. In fact, these hazards have been attributed to dam failures and near dam failures in the past. Proper identification, treatment, and long-term management of these dangers are important to the overall health of embankment dams. This webinar will provide engineers, owners, and dam safety officials with an understanding of these concepts to help everyone participate in the safety of embankment dams. This webinar will cover both plant and animal intrusions in embankment dams. Topics covered include: the identification and diagnosis of problematic situations; typical treatment methods; and strategies for preventing problems in the future.

Gregory Zamensky, P.E.

Americas Practice Leader for Dams and Reservoirs, Black & Veatch Corporation

Mr. Zamensky has over 23 years of concentrated experience in the dam safety industry. He received his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Civil Engineering from Virginia Tech in 1992 and 1993, respectively. His work experience includes project management, geotechnical engineering and design efforts for more than 100 dams across the United States. This work includes emergency response, forensic evaluation, investigation, development of design/construction documents, preparation of emergency action plans and construction oversight. Mr. Zamensky is experienced with multiple dam types including earth, mass concrete, slab & buttress, roller-compacted concrete, and rockfill. His design experience includes new and rehabilitation of embankment dams, roller compacted concrete dams, and water retention structures.

In addition, Mr. Zamensky co-authored national publications regarding the use of RCC for dam engineering applications and is actively involved in both the U.S. Society on Dams and the Association of State Dam Safety Officials.

Mr. Zamensky was the Project Manager for FEMA 473, Technical Manual for Dam Owners – Impacts of Animals of Earthen Dams.


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